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Chapter 1 -- Why This Book IS Different

 Read this chapter to find out why!

Chapter 2 -- Are You Ready?

Take our Self-Test to find out! Then learn more about why being overweight is unhealthy.

Chapter 3 -- Setting Goals and Getting Motivated

You can't just wish for success, you have to plan for success. You need a specific overall goal, perhaps a specific weight or dress size.  The broader goal of being healthier, happier, more attractive, and self-confident is actually a side benefit.  This chapter explains how to rekindle lost motivation, learn positive self-talk, rid yourself of irrational thinking, and use imagery to help you reach your goals.

Chapter 4 -- The New Charleston Program Diet Plan

It's okay to enjoy eating on this program. In fact, it's encouraged with a wide variety of fresh, healthy food selections. On this plan you can eat five times per day, three meals and two or three snacks in-between so you avoid hunger pangs. If you eat the foods from our recommended Eat-All-You-Want, Three-Portions-A-Day, Two Portions-A-Day, and One Portion A-Day food lists, you don't have to worry about strict portion sizes. You are not required to weigh food or look up foods on calorie or carbohydrate charts. You simply choose delicious, healthy food selections from our lists.

Chapter 5 -- Tips to Make the Food Plan Work

 Don't think in terms of self-denial, think of the positive choices you are making. There are 59 other motivating tips and techniques that will help you trim off excess pounds and keep them off.

Chapter 6 -- Making the Food Plan Unique to You

 Most diets are rigid. You have to drastically changeto conform to them. The New Charleston Program is flexible. 
It gives you ways to get to the reason for your being overweight and shows you how to change those root causes so your weight loss becomes permanent. This program is designed to meet your individual needs!

Chapter 7 -- The New Charleston Program Exercise Plan

 If there is one thing overweight people dislike morethan diets it is exercise. We show you how to increase physicalactivity in easy ways in your daily life and to stretch, walk,bike, or swim as you desire.

Chapter 8 -- Learning the Skill of Will Power

 Do you want a piece of chocolate cake? A scoop of ice cream? A juicy steak? Okay, but not too often, and limit your intake. What, you fear you can't limit your intake? We show you how to turn can't into can.

Chapter 9 -- How to Handle Hunger, Cravings and Binges

Learn to:
  •  Deal with intense desires and cravings by controlling the cues that trigger them. 
  •  Tell the difference between real physical hunger and psychological hunger.
  •  Turn Off Your 'Eat' Switch
  •  Eliminate Binge Eating
  •  Use the Technique of Sensuous Eating and Enjoy Food Without Guilt

Chapter 10 -- How to Cope with Saboteurs and Food-Pushers

As you become more slender, you will have to deal with weight-control saboteurs -- people who will try to get you to eat more food than you want, who will try to manipulate youaway from your decision to trim down.  Often they willbe close friends, or members of your family who try to temptyou by saying "It's just a little bite" or "It won't hurt."  We provide ways to politely, but assertively, deal with such food pushers.

Chapter 11 -- How to Keep Your Weight Down While Living It Up On Holidays and In Restaurants

Eating out or celebrating holidays and vacations is often the downfall of people trying to slim down.  You don'tneed to fear those fun times. The New Charleston Program isso flexible you can stay on it no matter where you go. We showyou how to plan for vacation or holiday eating and how to watchout for emotional traps that in the past may have sabotaged yourweight-control efforts. We explain how to handle restauranteating, even eating in fast food restaurants!

Chapter 12 -- If You're Having Problems

Some time after you have trimmed down you may becomecomplacent and then alarmed as excess pounds start to return. It's a problem that often occurs. This chapter WILL help youto quickly fix the problem before it becomes a big one. Youwill be able to identify and eliminate any new destructive eatinghabits that may have slipped back into your life.

Chapter 13 -- Make Yours a Lasting Weight Loss

It takes a comprehensive approach and attention to detail to lose excess weight and then remain slim and trim. It's worth the effort. This book can be yourguide. Never again need you be embarrassed about tight-fittingclothes. Never again will you have to put up with comments aboutyour weight or feel guilty or embarrassed about it. With thischapter you will get extra help so you will know what it islike to live like a thin person!


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